I have always loved my name…Elizabeth…and forever imagine ways to make the world a better place. Together with my husband, Vince, we have a farm where we raise our five kids, sheep, bees, and heirloom chickens! We are active in land conservancy efforts in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and I even ran for the U.S. Congress. After the despair we saw growing in our country, we started an organization at our farm to help inspire, engage, and uplift the human spirit by helping others find their purpose. At the Little Barn of Big Ideas we explore big questions and dialogue about what each of us can do to bring our purpose and passion to life. The world needs all of us to do what we can! When we have a rare empty Saturday, we explore vintage and second-hand shops to find treasures for our home. On one of those excursions, we found this sign “Queen Junction” and of course, being an Elizabeth, I had to have it. It has become my brand for this site, but I added an “s” because I believe, as Epictetus stated, we are all of noble birth carrying the divine spirit within. Welcome to a place were we have some royal fun, discuss BIG ideas, and create a magical life!

(if you want to read my other blog, check out The Civil Graces Project)

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