I read this on an advertisement from body positive columnist Charli Howard and was inspired to share it here on my page. For how can one create a magical life if you miss the one in the mirror? Valentine’s Day is all about expressing true love…and it has to start with loving who you are…all of you! Here’s to all my readers…May you fall in love and discover the magic you create every day just by being you!

A love letter
to myself by: Charli Howard

To my Body,
This is a letter to say thank you: a thank you for all the times you loved me, when I showed you no love at all. Our relationship in the past has been complicated. I spent years comparing you to numerous women I will never be, and against bodies I will never have. I based my value on what other people thought of me or saw in me, seeking their approval before I sought my own…My curves were shameful; my stretch marks hideous. My hair should’ve been different; my clothes a size smaller. I was never satisfied with what you gave me, even when you tried telling me I was enough. I wanted to change you in the hope someone else would love me in the ways I couldn’t love you. But, in reality, you’ve loved me better than anyone else ever could; more than anyone ever will. I put so much focus on looking perfect on the outside, that I forgot about the love you offered me from within. And the truth is, Body, you were perfect already – I was just blind to it. When I abused you, you never left. When I criticised you, you never fought back. You’ve repaired and renewed me; kept my heart beating and my blood pumping. You never gave up on me throughout all the times I was ready to give up on you. And, years later, when I finally realised how much I needed you, you continued to love me like you had from the beginning. That is true love. So this is a promise – a promise to love you, flaws and all, and to make up for the years I didn’t realise your worth. And while my skin might not be the smoothest, or my hips the smallest, you’ve taught me what I needed to know: I am enough. So we’re in this together for the long run. Because you may not be perfect, Body, but you’re the only one I’ve got. All my love, Charli xxx

Try writing your own love letter to yourself…the results will be magical!!

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