“I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practising gratitude.” -Brene Brown

Every summer we host a white dinner charity event called Brandywine in White in the countryside near our home. It is a beautiful evening similar to other white pop-up dinner parties where guests get decked out in their finest white attire and bring a picnic dinner to enjoy good food, wine, friends and a night of dancing. This year was truly a magical celebration and everyone was floating on air.

My main job (aside from co-chairing the event with my husband) is always the community table–the place where anyone can buy a ticket who doesn’t want to sit alone or not do a whole table by themselves. Each year, I set the LONG table not sure who is going to be joining us. I set it using mostly stuff that we have, but making it elegant with all real china, stemware, linen and silver. The morning of the event, Vince and I ceremoniously take a walk around our farm to see what kind of seasonal blooms we can use. This year the thistle were so plentiful and beautiful, we had to use them. These normally declared “weeds” had a cherished place at our table. Some pheasant feathers I have from my collection as well as a couple of white lilies from my favorite flower mart completed the look inside an antique urn we purchased years ago. Simple things and when the energy of the people filled the space, it became breathtaking.

Sometimes magic is created by using ordinary things in a new way. Seeing the friendships made that night and hearing the excitement of the crowd made my heart happy. There is always room for you at our table! I hope you will join us for one of our events when you are in the area!

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