I’m not afraid of heights, have you seen my shoes? –Carrie Bradshaw

For as long as I can remember, I have loved walking in heels…the higher, the better. I have a theory that if I were meant to wear flats, I would have been born four inches taller.

Maybe it is because my mom always made sure she put on her best outfit when she went out the door and a smashing pair of shoes…the style of a bygone era that I adore…when people dressed up and made every trip to town an occasion.

It amazes me how many people remark, “I don’t know how you walk around in those things.” Well, how often do we really know what it is to walk in another’s shoes?

It used to bug me when people would share their horror stories about what will happen if I keep wearing shoes “like that.” Almost every time they end with a sigh, “I used to wear those,” and I realize that it more about wishful thinking than admonishing me.

Wouldn’t the world be more fun if we just danced to our own tune without having to spring our opinions on the steps of another? Isn’t showing up fully what life is all about? Smile and strut to your own drum.

I tell my daughters that they don’t need to prove who is better, smarter, or prettier…”I like that you are unique. If I wanted twins, I would have given birth to them.” Be who you are and wear what expresses your style.

Sing your song. Write your book…even if it is just for yourself. Take the risk to show up and watch what happens. There will be only one YOU, and so you need to feel good about where you step! And bonus points go to those who support each other as they shine.

I am lucky to have a husband who loves to catch fun pictures of all my fancy shoes…these are all fantastic images of our trip to France for the honeymoon we finally got to take. Everywhere we went, we met amazing people who do beautiful things from making champagne, silk stockings, copper pots, or a beautiful meal. We saw incredible spaces from centuries beyond our imagination full of art and sacred icons. Châteaus in the country, City of Lights, and tiny towns in the mountains. All sorts of ways to live a life, and each part of the journey had a story.

At one place, we had a room with a top floor balcony. I had to get over my fear of heights in order to appreciate the view, and if I stayed inside, I would have missed it all. The thrill of the air and the sounds around. Deep breath. Just believe and take courage. Make the first step to living a life that expresses all that you are!

Noble act: Take a moment to yourself and write out what your ideal life would be. Pour your heart out, and add pictures if you wish. Read slowly over your list, then close your eyes so you can see it in your mind. Take one step each day toward your dreams.

Each time I have done this, no matter if it was small matters or great, by writing things down and visualizing them, I created an open space where opportunities could come in. It was like magic. Things happen when we commit ourselves to them, are willing to step past our doubt, and move into the direction of our dreams. I can’t wait to hear your story!

photo credits: Vince Moro

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