“I must be a mermaid… I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.― Anaïs Nin

I grew up on the Great Lakes in Michigan, and my favorite place in the world was the shore. We spent summers in a cottage on Lake Huron, where cousins were everywhere, and we had so much freedom and fun. I have always marveled at the deep blue of my freshwater oceans. They were a comfort to me even in the stormy parts of life, and if possible, I would sit and stare at the waves until I found peace within myself. It was truly magical how they could reach my soul and settle my spirit. Nature has the ability to transform us, and I think sometimes we get so busy in our day to day activities that we miss this connection.

We see the effects across the globe that are calling us to reflect on our planet home to make the changes necessary to help restore balance. The Earth is an abundant place for many, and yet we all know there are parts of our world that are suffering from lack of rain, flooding, fire, storms, and famine. We cannot be silent. Each of us has a noble connection to all of existence…that is what truly makes life magical. As we enter a new year, a new decade, it is an excellent time to renew our commitment to making things better for all the beings on the planet. At Chadds Peak Farm, we are planting more trees, creating a pollinator habitat in the meadows, and are excited to incorporate as many native species to bring back the bees and butterflies.

On a different level, a simple thing I committed to was reducing my consumption levels (a.k.a. shopping) and tried to stay strictly to consignment stores for what I wanted or needed. It became an adventure to skip the big box stores and head to the local resale boutiques. I found one-of-a-kind treasures, and since most of the places I went to donate the proceeds to charities, it was a double bonus. Our home is an eclectic collection of things we are repurposing and creating our nest while helping others in need. My outfits are a combination of vintage fashion and always get compliments because they are so different. Why not? I grew up on hand-me-downs!

This year I am going to take on a new challenge…to reduce my consumption of food, mainly that which is processed or consumes masses of energy to produce. I know I will feel better healthwise, and some of my habits are things I am ready to let go. Like carrying my groceries without using plastic bags, I can find new ways to accomplish tasks. And so can we all! It feels good to live consciously.

What challenges will you pursue this year to contribute to a better world? It can be simple things like being creative with what you have, driving less, walking in nature, and smiling more. Get out and breathe. Meditate. It helps lessen stress, and a little more positive energy in the world is always needed. Reconnect with the natural world and plant a tree. If we all do something, it will create ripples of change.

I wish you many blessings as we begin this special year…2020. May you take time to ponder your depths and find a magical connection to life that makes your spirit soar!

Photo credit: Elizabeth Moro, Lexington, Michigan with my three kids several years ago.

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