“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” -Coco Chanel

Sometimes when I pay too much attention to world events, I get exhausted because my mind starts working on a solution to every situation. I allow myself to become a mental “Joan of Arc”…pursuing liberty, revolution, and justice! My spiritual teachers would say that when one is in that space, you are really of no use to the world. You can’t solve a problem in the same energy that created it. You have to think about something else for a while until you find a better feeling thought. Then and only then can you align with a solution.

One thing that helps shift my mind is organizing my space…which is what I was doing this weekend. As a kid, I used to rearrange my room for the same reason. I would tell my mom, “I’m moving out” when I had enough of my eleven siblings’ antics. Sometimes it is fun to see all the little crazy things I have picked up along the way…all my vintage bargains, things someone else was discarding, and realize how fabulous it all is. I will find something incredible to see, and before you know it, I get an insight into how to create positive change in one of my other projects. Try it. It is much better than spending hours reposting things on Facebook, hoping someone will see it, and the world will change. Honestly, it doesn’t work anyway.

Another benefit of my mental and physical organizing is that I find things to share with someone else…something that will brighten a friend’s day, and so it lifts my spirit as well. To give always lightens my load in more ways than one. I invite you to consider starting the new year with a bit of a challenge…look at what you have in your space and make it your unique boutique. Count your blessings. Treasure what you put in your world, and if there is something that no longer fits, share it with someone who will adore it.

I know it may sound shallow to totally get fixated on yourself, but if we don’t have inner peace, it is hard to make it in the world. While we don’t always have control over current events, we have to do what we can, and then make sure our inner world is aligned with who we are and how we want the outer world to be. The Dalai Lama said the world will be changed by the western woman. I think that is because we have access to so many excellent resources, and we have to reconnect to inspiration in big and small ways so we can tap that energy. We can realign ourselves in our space so that we can step out into the world and begin to create a fabulous world for all.

P.S. If you are inspired by what you create, share a picture! It is always fun to see!! Have a great week!

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