“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Are you a dreamer…pollyanna…pie-in-the-sky? What would it feel like to have exactly what you wanted? What would it feel like to live on purpose, have the house of your dreams, extra money in your pocket, your ideal health, your soulmate, a life that fits you? And why do we settle for less? What are we waiting for if it isn’t now? Why do we readily believe that life is a challenge and find it challenging to think that it could be easy? Do our attitudes and beliefs shape how we perceive our world? I totally believe they do!

Albert Einstein said one of the most critical questions we have to answer in our lives is whether we believe this to be a friendly Universe or not. How do you see it? I know lately that it has been a little harder to see the lighter side of life, and I started to notice myself getting in bad moods more often because of worry and fear. There is so much going on, and this year hasn’t been easy for any of us. It almost feels irresponsible to talk positively. And then I realized something…the more upset I got, the worse I felt. When I flipped things around this week and made a conscious choice to observe things and decide if I would let them upset me, not only did I regain my power, but everything started to work out. As soon as I made up my mind that I wanted to have a better week, it happened. Things just aligned.

I thought of a story that I wrote down a long time ago, and I want to share it here because it shows anything is possible. As a child, one thing I hoped to find was a full conch shell on the beach. I looked forever, but growing up on the Great Lakes, it never occurred to my little mind that it was nearly impossible. But dreams, even crazy ones, can actualize. It may take time, but we have to keep believing and looking. Many years passed, and I happened to be walking along the beach one January with a friend. It had been a year of unusually intense hurricanes, so I hadn’t gone to the ocean shore like we usually do. As I looked forward, I saw it sitting there waiting just for me…a full conch shell! I picked it up and laughed–finally and I only had to move closer to the ocean to find it! It is a cherished symbol in my office that reminds me to stay focused on my dreams and keep looking for that treasure.

There have been many times when life didn’t seem to go the way I wanted. In the middle of heartbreak and defeat, sometimes those experiences don’t make sense, and it is common to feel that sense of “why me?” Living beyond those moments and looking back at what happened next, I often realized that those moments were exactly what needed to happen to put me in location to receive something better or what I wanted all along. As long as I am willing to be open to transformation, the manifestation of a life of my dreams happens.

We need more dreamers and positive thinkers to help move us forward now. Getting lost in the negativity’s thicket is not being of service or using your life for a higher purpose. We get what we think about all day long. The kind of life we want begins first in our minds, and it is time for us to take back our power to create the image that we want. We might need to relocate, experience relationship shifts, job shifts, hardships, and all those changes can be scary. But when we decide to live authentically in the space of the life we want, we set the stage to create magic. And there is nothing the world needs more than your magic right now!

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